I’ve only encountered hair extensions on a woman once, to my knowledge.  I was surprised. I won’t go into the details of how I discovered them or what became of them during the course of an evening.  I will say that while I did not expect to like hair extensions, I did.  The woman in question did not need hair extensions by any means:  she had no bald patches, her hair wasn’t thin, and in fact was already quite long.  She was pretty without need of hair extensions.  I think that was part of the charm.  Hair extensions were a way of signaling that she had taken special care in preparing for her evening.

I think perhaps this is part of the allure of fake breasts for some men.  Real breasts are almost always sufficient for my tastes, but perhaps fake breasts signal:  I care what you think about my breasts and have taken special effort that you should like them.  And that signal is required for men who are worried that women don’t want to have sex with them and need some special device to make it clear.  It’s an invitation for men who need one.

Hair extensions may have worked the same way, with the added benefit that they were not permanent and caused no scarring or anything.  Women should employ them more often if it makes them happy.