Every so often I drive from Los Angeles to Palm Springs, where my in-laws have a very pretty house.  To get there I must drive through long stretches of wasteland.  On some portions of wasteland—the mountainous portion—there are windmills.  But other spots aren’t windy enough for them.  I’m not sure who owns that land or what they do with it.  But if I owned it, what I would do is cover it with solar panels.  Then I would buy more scorched wasteland in the surrounding areas and I would cover it with solar panels too.  I have no idea how energy from solar panels is stored or anything like that.  I majored in English and then went to law school and have only a rudimentary understanding of physics.  But I am pretty sure that it can be stored and used to power homes and buildings.  I would undercut the other utility companies, even if it meant operating at a loss for awhile, and keep buying land and putting solar panels on it until either I went bankrupt or got very rich.