In second Alex told me about flag day but we didn’t put the plan into action until third.  Gym pants are easier than regular pants.  Tim was pulling his pants back up, wanting an explanation.  I told him it was flag day.  Most girls had not yet changed, not many had noticed and Tim was soon in better spirits because Adam was now coming into the room, knowing nothing of flag day.  

The gym teacher was unhappy but could not figure where to place the blame.  The kickball game was entirely secondary, the competitive edge was gone out of it and many students were being pulled out due to flagging.

It was happening in the hallways, spreading like strep and by lunch you could only walk with one free hand.  An hour later an adult voice, disembodied, told the whole school at once there would be no more flagging today, that flag day was not a real holiday, that flagging would result in expulsion.