I had gone in all the bars with no luck so finally I went into the strip club.  There was a soft glimmer through the windows.  An old lady was walking around with a broom and dust-bin.

I had to duck under two velvet ropes and around several tables and chairs.  The woman onstage was moving with a horny-bored sway.  Finally I made it to the little booth were Pan was sitting.

Do you think they’ll let us sleep here, I asked him.  My feet were very tired and I had paid fifteen dollars to get inside.  Do you have to keep ordering drinks, I asked.  Pan didn’t say anything.  He had been ordering them.  I’m going to sleep right under here, I said, and found a little spot where the waitresses probably wouldn’t see.  When I woke up Pan was gone.  Instead Dan was sleeping on another part of the same booth.  What time is it? I asked, but Dan didn’t say anything.  The windows were bright.  We’d better go home, I said.