I came across an article published a few years ago in Bloomberg, about an irascible family of investors from Michigan. I knew there were Darts from those parts and that they put their name on foam cups, and had probably done quite well from it, but I didn’t know the extent of all the fun they’d got up to. A brief sample:

Although sources say Ken is devoted to his family, he is apparently willing to forgo their company to elude the taxman. “I’ve dealt with a lot of wealthy people, and there are two kinds,” says a former Dart executive. “One kind just likes to win, but isn’t really trying to destroy the competition. Ken Dart is the other kind, like a primitive warrior who glories not just in winning, but in standing on the battlefield with his chest on the foot of his slain foe.”

The brothers are all suing each other, and the workings of their company is shrouded in mystery. I wasn’t sure before, but have come to believe there must be some connection between this type of Dart and my own less lucrative Georgia branch.

Their story also says interesting things about our tax code, which of course they exploit to their advantage.