For much of my adult life I’ve tried to suppress my desire to make everyone do things like I do them, with success in some areas and not in others.  But I can never help telling runners of all kinds that they should adopt pose running, and run in minimalist shoes.  The method has been very effective for me.  Before I adopted it I couldn’t train for more than a few months without developing shin splints or some other nagging injury.  My knees often hurt back then.  Now they never do.  If you do it right, running can have no more impact on your knees than riding a bicycle.  Human calves, ankles and feet were built to absorb the shock of running.  Human knees can’t do that job.  They weren’t built for it.

Anyway, people should learn how to run, and they should do it in these shoes, which don’t cost all that much and are surprisingly durable.