The eclairs were over six inches long and about three wide, filled with dense pudding and generously frosted.  We gobbled them in the den and commenced watching whatever we were watching.  One wasn’t permitted both choice of programming and choice of seat and there was a lot of maneuvering for advantage when we both wanted what we already had.  How long had my father been gone?  It felt like an hour.  I wanted the television to go faster; I wanted my sister to want something I had that she didn’t; I wanted the Gummi Bears to do something really violent this time.

When my sister wasn’t negotiating fairly I put a pillow on her head and sat there.  She said it was comfortable but I’ll never know.  

As the day bore on the sun intruded so we pushed the sofa cushions up against the window; otherwise the dust stood out on the television in an annoying golden streak.  We were able to adequately block the sun and the screen was lit properly all the way until we could not reasonably believe that the programming was special and for us.  Then who knows, I probably consented to bathe.


Is this weird?

I was up first.  I liked to stand on the air conditioning vent until I couldn’t stand it any more to see how long the marks lasted.