“I’ll go with you,” said the nice partner, “since it’s your first time.” Something in my expression must have indicated how ridiculous that sounded. “I’ve emailed him to say we’re coming,” said the nice partner. “You’ll understand,” he said, “when you meet him. He can be really great though. He can be so great.”

Later I got a call. “I’ve just called,” he said, “to let him know we’re on our way.”

But the office was unlit, the monitor had shut off, and there was no sign of him.

“Fridays are good,” said the nice partner. A week had passed, and he had emailed and called his partner as before. But when we arrived, the lights were off and the monitor was black again.

“Are you ready?” asked the nice partner on the subsequent Friday. This time the man was in his office, speaking rapidly into a speaker phone with his eyes closed. We went out into the hall to wait for him.

Ten minutes later I told him what the research said while he looked out the window. He might have asked a question. That night the nice partner told me I was on the case and I was given access to the enormous database of old filings.