Yes, this is the moment, I cannot pretend to hide my eagerness, tilting backwards in my desk chair in the all too recognizable posture of scholarly enthusiasm, typing with tremulous fingers, that I provide links to a few new short stories (one of which I linked in the prior post, but I am doing it again, as I did not include the title in that post and I am given at times to overdoing things). Here they are (alphabetized):

A Seminar

Let’s Go Out For A Spin

Morning Edition

That Time I Found The Five Dollars

In combination with the short stories I linked awhile back, I may at this point have enough to bind up a brand new book of short fiction which sells barely any copies.

Also I thought it would behoove me to say a few words about the Sochi Olympics, which I have not spectated in the least. I may have heard or read somewhere that people were complaining about the accommodations provided in Sochi, in comparison to that which other Olympic cities have been providing. Is that a thing? Maybe it isn’t at all. But if it were I wonder if the Sochi accommodations would signal a return to the usual state of affairs, wherein the Olympics are a venue for rigorous international athletic competition, rather than a garish demonstration of municipal or national wealth (or pretense thereof). And maybe a slightly more subdued aesthetic is appropriate for that particular purpose, while an opulent aesthetic might be appropriate elsewhere, such as opera or kabuki. Who knows, as I am, as usual, writing from a place of complete ignorance.